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Natura Bisse Inhibit Tensolift Neck Serum

Inhibit Tensolift Neck Serum boosts collagen I production by 111% and collagen IV production by 72%, reducing sagginess in just 3 weeks and minimizes wrinkles both immediately and following 28 days of treatment.


Natura Bisse C+C Eye Cream

Imagine little drops of freshness caressing your eye contour area. Revitalize this delicate zone with this powerful cocktail of energizing ingredients, packed with vitamin C derivatives that act as potent antioxidants and collagen boosters.


Natura Bisse Inhibit High Definition Patches

We consider Inhibit High Definition Patches cutting-edge wrinkle fighting technology. Backed by 13 patents, each of the corrective patches contains hundreds of painless microneedles consisting of powerful anti-aging active ingredients.


Natura Bisse Inhibit Tensolift High Definition

Developed with our patented Skinform Molecular Technology®, formulated with a high concentration of anti-aging ingredients, such as Octamioxyl®, this serum noticeably inhibits facial contractions, while filling and smoothing wrinkles.


Natura Bisse Diamond Instant Glow

Imagine having lifted, luminous, firm skin in just 10 minutes. Diamond Instant Glow exfoliates, brightens and lifts, transforming your skin into powerful radiance in a matter of minutes. See the signs of fatigue and fine lines fade away to reveal a youthf


Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme Oil

Rich to the touch, yet light on your skin, Diamond Extreme Oil combines a sumptuous fusion of biocompatible oils —chia, amaranth, calendula— and potent punicic acid (omega 5), boosting the skin’s regeneration processes for firmness from within.


Natura Bisse Essential Shock Intense Retinol Fluid

This light textured, ultra hydrating anti-aging fluid with retinol renews and smoothes the skin, while visibly minimizing expression lines and wrinkles. The results: revitalized, supple and even-toned complexion.


Natura Bisse Diamond Life Infusion Eye Serum

A miracle formula for the eye – boosted with vitamin A - that radically reduces signs of aging, including wrinkles, crow’s feet, puffiness and those ever so tricky dark circles. The results: deep hydration, an exceptional lifting effect, and radically red


Natura Bisse Essential Shock Mask

ssential Shock Intense Mask’s gentle soothing effect helps to diminish wrinkles, while providing you with improved tone and firmness. The formula’s combination of vitamins nourishes, protects and hydrates the skin, even the most dulled complexions.


Natura Bisse High Density Lift

Considered an industry game changer, this formula’s unique combination of regenerating active ingredients, PDGF-Remodeling Complex (Platelet-Derived Growth Factor), radically improves volume and density, and an alternative to medi-aesthetic treatments.


Natura Bisse Tolerance Enzyme Peel

Developed with cutting-edge cosmetic engineering specifically designed for gentle exfoliation, Tolerance Enzyme Peel’s rich texture pampers the skin with non-aggressive (granule-free) micro-exfoliation that stimulates the skin regeneration process.


Natura Bisse Diamond Life Infusion

One of our most scientifically advanced products to date, Diamond Life Infusion works on your skin’s bio-markers, which signal your biological age. This includes maintaining low levels of the proteins that cause cellular aging, as well as helping preserve

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