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Your Best Summer Skincare Routine

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  • By Lizzie Johnson
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Your Best Summer Skincare Routine

The summer season is upon us! At Houppette, the longer days and warmer temps not only mean refreshing our makeup palettes, but also adjusting our skincare routines as well.

Build your Best Skincare Routine


Our year round skincare routines always include these basic building block products: Cleanser, Treatment Serum, Moisturizer, and Sunscreen. But every few months, little adjustments are needed to handle the seasonal curve balls of changing humidity and temperatures.




Here are the top 3 skincare essentials you need

to treat your skin like a pro this summer:


1. Add Double Cleansing to your PM Routine

You may have recently started to hear murmurings about this best-kept-secret in skincare. Double cleansing is having a moment—and hopefully one that’s here to stay. Truth be told, double cleansing is a great idea year round. What is it? As the name implies, it’s cleansing your skin—twice.


For the summer season, we recommend starting with an oil based or balm cleanser. The key here is to begin with dry hands and dry face. Massage gently to dissolve any makeup or debris from the day. Remove with a warm washcloth. Follow with a second gel-based cleanser. If you’re oily or acneic, option here to use a more acidic cleanser.


By double cleansing at night, you can ensure your skin is primed to receive the max number of active ingredients from your other products.




2. Peel (Exfoliate)

As the weather warms, the skin’s surface may generally feel less dry. This is a major relief for many, but it’s not without a catch: Skin that’s less dry can be more prone to pore clogging, either from emollient products or sweat-inducing workouts.

To minimize clogged pores, keep skin clearer, and promote efficient cell turnover (that’s the shedding of dead skin cells), make sure to exfoliate about twice per week. (Very sensitive skin may only require once per week.)


We advocate for a glycolic or fruit enzyme peel here to minimize abrasion of the skin’s surface. If you’re normal to oily, choose a glycolic option and be sure to follow the instructions on the label. (More is not better.) If you’re more sensitive or dry, try a fruit enzyme peel. Enzyme-based exfoliants are great for sensitive skin because they gently dissolve dead skin cells like little Pac-men on the surface without compromising the skin beneath.


Be sure to follow with your favorite treatment serum or moisturizer for max benefits.



3. Add an Antioxidant in the AM

The start of summer means the kickoff of “C” season—that’s vitamin C season. We recommend including a broad range antioxidant serum in your AM routine year round, but it doesn’t hurt to make a concerted effort as we slide into sun season.

Antioxidant serums are critical to good skin health, neutralizing free radical damage that can lead to rough texture, fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation (sun spots), and a host of other less-than-ideal skin concerns. Add an antioxidant to your AM routine for a healthy, glowing complexion for the season. And as always, follow with your favorite moisturizer and sunscreen for the best results.








Kick the season off right: Get a facial!


If you’re feeling like you need a seasonal overhaul of sorts, consider booking a more professional grade treatment facial. Your aesthetician has access to more powerful products than are typically available to the average consumer, and they can offer a facial treatment that may just be the jump-start you need to get on the ball for great skin this summer.



Not sure where to begin? We can help! Make an appointment to consult with the Houppette staff about your skincare routine, or consider booking a facial to kick off the season on the right foot.




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